Posted by: tim ellis | August 21, 2005

Brazil – 17 September 2002

Today we are off to Laguna, accompanied by Hugo and Danni, and by 2 Brazilian couples.

Our first port of call is Ibiraquera beach , yesterday morning there were 7 mother/calf pairs here we see only 1 – (we also get the bus stuck in the sand!)

From there to the last Brazilian Whaling station – now a museum – or at least it will be!

We stop to see another whale close to a shipwreck just outside Laguna before finally arriving in the city just as it starts raining!

Our first stop is Anita de Garibaldi’s house, then it is a short ferry ride across the channel for an excellent lunch after which we go back outside to look for dolphins – we spot one almost immediately, and watch as it is joined by a second and they work herding fish towards the fishermen. We cross back and drive up for a closer look- the fishermen call these 2 “Scooby” & “Chanel” – it seems like a lot of effort for very little reward.

It continues to rain as we drive up ‘Gloria’s Hill’ to look down on the city then back through the historic part to see the water fountain, and an old gaol – now a museum- Hugo does a sterling job of translating both local tour guide ‘Julio Caesar’ and the museum guides commentaries.

Rodrigo is still not back at dinner time but we cope although my chips starter doesn’t arrive until I am finishing my main course (although they are the first .lot of chips we have had that are hot!)


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