Posted by: tim ellis | August 21, 2005

Brazil – 18 September 2002

It is quite misty when I get up this morning but at least it isn’t raining. We are having a late start to give the weather chance to improve, and are going whale watching ‘from the earth’ with Rodrigo who is acting as driver and guide. We return to the beach above Garapoba that we first visited with Hugo on the way here. ‘We might not stop here long’ says Rodrigo – but after we spot a mother with a fairly active calf we spend the rest of the morning watching them, being rewarded with the calf breaching.

The mist eventually lifts and the sun tries to come out.

After lunch it is another free afternoon so I go for another walk along the beach (and see the kiskadee in the same spot!) going a little further this time. On my way back I bump into Danni & a colleague who are armed with a shovel & a cool box – they are on ‘dead penguin removal patrol’

When we get down to dinner we discover that tonight is the night for the whale talk – this is given in Portuguese by the biologist who came out on the boat with us. Both Rodrigo’s sister then father are on hand to translate. It is followed by a film which is in English. Fortunately we don’t have to reciprocate!


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