Posted by: tim ellis | August 21, 2005

Brazil – 19 September 2002

No one seems quite sure what we are supposed to be doing this morning & none of the good English speakers seem to be about. The girl in reception tells me that we are going out at 11 and the trip is cancelled due to the weather. We guess this means we should have been going by boat but will be going by bus instead. We have already seen a wale at Breakfast and see more waiting for the bus in fact at 11 O’clock we are busy watching an active whale – which is just as well since we appear to have been forgotten – even reception is deserted. so we decide to bird & whale watch from the car park while drinking coffee provided by Ian & Brenda.

We decide to ask if someone can run is in to Garapoba after lunch to do some shopping- I ask Rodrigo’s sister, who says it should be OK- then Hugo arrives and suggests much the same thing. In fact there appears to be a competition to see which of them will accompany us- which Hugo wins .

Naturally we drive through the town first to go whale watching from the hill we visited after the boat trip and are rewarded with 3 different whales then it is down to the shops- surf wear and local craft shops. While we are shopping it starts raining and soon starts thunder & lightning too.

Since we have to leave at 4:00 in the morning we settle our bills before going to bed. There appears to have been some confusion regarding what was included & what wasn’t but Hugo & Rodrigo soon sort it out.


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