Posted by: tim ellis | August 21, 2005

Brazil – 22 September 2002

Waking up is not a problem this morning-although actually moving is!

Breakfast is followed by a jungle walk – we take a short boat trip to the start and manage to find both Grey (Tucuxi) and Pink (Boto) river Dolphins although neither stick around for Photo’s.

The walk itself is very interesting – mostly we are looking at plants although ants and butterflies all play their part. At one impressive buttress rooted tree we all think how snakelike one vine looks when we suddenly become aware it is a snake!

The walk ends at a little village where we are able to buy drinks before re-boarding the boat to go back for Lunch

After lunch and before the afternoons fishing trip I catch up on my diary – aided by one of the parrots,  Yuri and his sister!

The afternoon fishing is joined by a Spaniard and 3 Americans so we split into 2 boats – basically an English speaking one and a Portuguese one (we gain the Spaniard) we go out across the lake (spotting more dolphin on the way – Didi becomes an expert at finding them) to a semi sunken forest where we bait simple hook & line with raw beef and fish for piranha (or in my case feed the piranha and catch the occasional twig. (I am not the only person who fails to land a fish although our boat is much more successful than the other one landing several fish of different sizes. (some are literally thrown on to the boat as they are taking the bait but not the hook when the line is pulled up!!)

Dinner tonight is supplemented by freshly caught piranha!


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