Posted by: tim ellis | August 21, 2005

Brazil – 24 September 2002

We leave after Breakfast on the Marcelo – this is a better boat than the one we arrived on although there is no shade on the top deck.- to keep up our record we manage to see dolphins at both ends of the journey which seems much quicker than the upstream journey.

The Rentamar agent is missing when we disembark but arrives shortly after – he says very little and drops us at the airport – we are too early to check in so grab a bite to eat at “Bob’s Burgers” first. Once we are checked in I see a very reasonably priced Internet terminal (2$\5R$ per hour) although the speed suggests they are connecting via jungle liana’s.

The flight is late taking off due to ‘electrical problems’ – thankfully I don’t see Elio & Pedro banging away at the engine & cutting up plastic to fit. The plane stops at Brasilia then on too Rio (2 hot meals!) arriving about 10 minutes. Late (and for a change – in the rain). Our guide for Rio, Remaldo, seems to have a packed program for us, but after a hard days travelling its time for bed!


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