Posted by: tim ellis | August 21, 2005

Brazil – 25 September 2002

We have a tour of H. Stern, the jewellers this morning at 11 am so after breakfast I wander up Cococabana beach as far as the Luxor Copocobana- the weather is cool so it is quite pleasant and makes up for the lack of activity yesterday. Stern’s is very interesting but we all resist the lure of the expensive jewellery we are shown. We don’t leave until 1 and are due on the Sugar loaf tour at 2 so we grab a sandwich in the rooftop grill – we are still slightly late- but in view of the overcast weather, the tours have been swapped and we are doing the jeep tour instead. Unfortunately Ian is going to the football tonight and we wont be back in time so he loads Brenda down with camera and video and leaves us in the hands of Edwardo, our guide/driver, who is great apart from a disconcerting habit of turning round to talk to us. The tour starts at the hotel and Eddie points out some of the city landmarks as we head towards the jungle- the clouds even lift briefly of Christ redeemer!

He forest was replanted 200 years ago over a coffee plantation and features many interesting plants including Jack fruit, Ironwood., papaya, banana & numerous bromeliads, many birds and also capuchin monkeys – although only one of the latter actually shows himself- there are also a number of waterfalls and a cyclist who passes us whenever we stop only for us to pass him again when we restart.

In the evening I decide to take a walk to look for an alternative restaurant while Brenda & Didi stay at the hotel- I find a big shopping mall and loads of “snack bar” type places but nowhere that looks better than the hotel so I return there just as the others are finishing there coffee.


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