Posted by: tim ellis | August 21, 2005

Dominica – Friday 23rd November 2001

An 8.30 muster for what is supposed to be a fairly gentle two hour stroll up to Middleham falls – but turns out to be a four hour hike up and down mountain paths through the rainforest – accompanied by local guide Andrea.

We start with a brief stop in the botanical gardens to obtain some leaflets (and admire the bus crushed by Hurricane David) and then the walk starts seriously as we climb from approximately 1800 to 2400 feet. The going is quite tricky in places, though the falls are spectacular when we arrive. Cathy, Mary & Adrian (the water babies) elect to climb down for a swim, their squeals reveal the water to be quite chilly!

We continue the trek past ‘stinking hole’ eventually rejoining Jonathan in the minibus with copious iced lime juices and the obligatory rum punches (except we are all to tired to risk one before lunch). Lunch has been pre-booked and is excellent.

After lunch we say goodbye to Andrea and make our way to Emerald Pool – a second waterfall without so much of a hike – no one swims though Mary & I paddle. From there to Castle Bruce beach on the Atlantic coast (more paddling) and then on to Carib Indian Territory (which isn’t actually much different from some of the other poorer Dominican villages). We stop to buy souvenirs from the local craftspeople who are very friendly – but obviously keen for our $$. The light has pretty much gone by now so it is back to base to refresh and eat!


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