Posted by: tim ellis | August 21, 2005

Dominica – Monday 26th November 2001

Today is a ‘full day’ whale watch from 8.30 to 3.30, and since only doing one thing seems positively lazy after yesterday’s action packed itinerary, Andrew says he will take us snorkelling and/or scuba diving on our return. Andrew and Curt are our crew today and we are back on ‘Misers Dream’. The channel is calm today and they saw whales in that area yesterday so Andrew’s plan is to head south and then ’round the back’ into the Atlantic. We pick up whales on the hydrophone in the channel without seeing any (although we do find a large piece of squid – left over sperm whale breakfast) then lose them as we head east-so the plans are revised and we head back to where we heard them where we are rewarded with 6-7 whales dispersed over quite a wide area. They don’t give us any ‘characteristic’ deep dives with tale flukes, although they do keep slipping away.

They have a second trip this afternoon so Reggie and Dave bring the ‘Domnik’ out with a new party and we all swop ships. It’s back to the Anchorage to pick up the gear – and an English couple (John & Laura) who are coming diving. We head down the coast with Andrew and Dave in the Domnik then Dave takes the snorkellers while Andrew gives John, Laura and myself our scuba instruction after which it is the ‘big step’ off the back of the boat. Swimming seems a little awkward at first with all the gear on, but I soon get the hang of it. We practise our skills in the shallow water then head deeper- it is at this point I have a problem as I can’t get my ears to equalise, so I stay higher up than the others. Nonetheless, it is an enjoyable experience and I see blurry sponges, large blue blurry fish and small brown blurry fish (that’s what you get for being short sighted).

Dinner tonight is complemented by an avocado and lime salad made from fruit Cathy scavenged yesterday.


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