Posted by: tim ellis | August 21, 2005

Dominica – Saturday 24th November 2001

When we arrived back last night there seemed to be a lot of kids about and something was said about feeding 40 children. This morning at breakfast we see all 40! It is a school trip from Antigua – as we watch them running around we don’t envy the crew on their boat trip this morning.

This morning for us is a trip to see Rosseau Market and town – wander in on your own and do your own thing. The walk in is shorter and flatter than yesterday – but hotter as we are lower down and there is much less shade! I wander around for a while and find a bookshop where I get a book on Dominica written by Lennox Honeychurch (who gave the talk on calypso).

It is getting time for a drink so I go to a Cybercafe for a lime juice and the chance to E-mail ‘I’m on holiday and you’re not’ messages to friends and colleagues. I’ve still not really found a ‘market’ as such so I head over to the old market place, where everyone is very keen for my business. I am listening to some reggae, bouyon and zouk music when Cathy & Rosemary come by – we agree to meet up for a bite to eat and a taxi back in about 1/2 an hour after which it is time to cool down and prepare for our 2.00 PM whale watch.

This is on a different ship ‘Domnik’, with Dave & Reggie. They saw pilot whales this morning with the children so we head there first and find a pod of 30-ish whales. After leaving these we find some dolphins – possibly Frasers, possibly spinners, that bow ride for a while – we are heading further north when Dave suddenly spots a babe sperm whale right in front of the boat. We follow it and see two adults ahead- we get to see both of them dive – then while we are waiting for them to reappear it starts to rain. Although we wait we have lost the whales and need to get back before we also lose the light.

Dinner offers ‘pigeon soup’ although somewhat disappointingly it turns out to be ‘pigeon pea soup’ (a sort of lentil)


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