Posted by: tim ellis | August 21, 2005

Dominica – Sunday 25th November 2001

An early start this morning – we leave at 6.30 – I have just put sun cream on at 10 past when the phone rings – our taxi is here (doesn’t he know about being late)!

Our guide is Bertrand – assisted by his sister in law Gemma (a police woman) – and after a quick fruit juice it’s off to the syndicate park for a picnic breakfast and a gentle stroll (and this time it is!) through the rainforest looking for parrots. We hear the very rare Sisserou – but only see the slightly less rare Jaco…

From there – and pausing only to watch hummingbirds we are off to Syndicate falls – this is another ‘taste your way around Dominica’ tour with coffee, ginger, patchouli and nutmeg all on the menu.

Bernard also tells us much more about banana farming – all of which leads nicely into lunchtime! A seaside venue looking out onto Cabrits and Fort Stanley where we will end up later. Before that though is the Indian River trip. ‘Nature Boy’ Paul rows us up through the mangrove forest where the tranquility is only shattered by the motorboats…

Fort Stanley is an old colonial fort in dry forest (yet another habitat) where we find bats, hermit crab and snakes. We finish the day off with rum punch (some traditions are sacrosanct) before heading back to Castle Comfort with the added ‘bonus’ of a Dominican traffic jam (and more bats).


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