Posted by: tim ellis | August 21, 2005

Dominica – Thursday 22nd November 2001

Our first whale watch starts after breakfast (wildlife seen – a crab and a frigate bird) so we join Andrew and Filbert aboard ‘Miser’s Dream’ for a 9.00 sailing. We head south first of all and soon pick up 2 schools of dolphin, one is spotted and some spinner, the other is approximately 200 Fraser’s Dolphin. These are less frequently seen so we follow them for a while. They are quite active (hunting) but not very ‘playful’, so we eventually leave them and head north to look for whale – without much luck (although we do encounter another school of Fraser’s) we are already late when some fishers tell us they saw 2 whales further out. Andrew says he will give it another 15 minutes but we still have no luck, so we head back – we get about 1/2 way when Filbert spots something and Andrew just catches a fluke. The hydrophone confirms a whale – so we are in for a 30 minute wait… Andrew, Cathy, Adrian & Mary go for a swim (the water is 86F!) as the time approaches we start to scan the sea for the blow Adrian spots it first and we move slightly closer. It turns out to be a Mother and calf. The mother swims around us and then dives again while the calf is happy to swim around the boat – Andrew identifies him as ‘Scar’ and he soon has 2 boats to play with as the inter-island ferry stops to watch as well! Consequently our 1/2 day trip that should have finished at 1.00 lasts until 3.30 (and there is free rum punch!!)

We have phoned our lunch order in and it is waiting for us while we discuss our options for the rest of the day. Andrew has recommended a talk on ‘Calypso – From Plantation to Stage’ which Cathy, Jenny, Rosemary & I all decide to attend. We take an early tea and then a taxi into Rosseau – unfortunately we have been given the wrong address but a call to the hotel puts us right and we arrive fashionably late at the end of the introduction. It is being broadcast on the radio, and also filmed, and is interesting and informative.


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