Posted by: tim ellis | August 21, 2005

Dominica – Thursday 29th November 2001

Breakfast at the Caribee is once more enriched by the presence of the grackle, bullfinch and doves. Adrian, Mary, Cathy & Rosemary take a cab into Bridgetown – dropping Rosemary off at the museum on the way. I take a more leisurely breakfast, a trip over the road for some water and then take the bus into town. I stroll up broad street then past a street market to the Pelican craft village. After looking round the various studios it’s time to wander back again and pick up a taxi to the hotel. We have arranged to keep Rosemary’s room for storage and washing and changing before we go so we all dump our bags there, then Rosemary, Jenny, Cathy and I wander down the road in search of lunch, which we have at a pleasant little bistro/bar. Then it’s back to the Caribee to ‘chill out’ by the pool (there being no shade on the beach) until it is time to leave…

Although we have ordered a ‘people carrier’ type taxi, it doesn’t appear, and we end up taking two ‘ordinary’ taxis instead. Arriving at the airport we join the back of a very long check in queue (in fact although we arrived in plenty of time we only don’t have to run through departures as the incoming flight was late). The headwind that delayed the inbound flight work to our advantage however, and we arrive at Gatwick no more than 5 minutes late. As I approach the end of the luggage conveyor I see my suitcase appear at the start so I am out into arrivals by 7.00. My first job is to find Thomas Cook’s to convert assorted $ into £, then to the coach desk to check busses to Birmingham. Unfortunately, one has, literally, just left, so I have to wait until 9.30…


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