Posted by: tim ellis | August 21, 2005

Dominica – Wednesday 28th November 2001

After some confusion yesterday about what time we are leaving, it is finally decided that it is 9.30, and Jonathan is ready to take us on our last trip on the windy roads of Dominica…

I am just considering whether I have suitable change for a sandwich when we are called through into departures (probably because they are hand searching rather than x-raying the hand luggage). The flight itself is smooth and we arrive on time if not slightly early! After dropping our stuff off at the hotel Cathy, Rosemary & I go down to the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary – an area of mangrove swamps just a short way up the road. We get a guided tour, seeing very large Tarpon, Heron, a Yellow Warbler (one of about 15 on the island) and hearing the Green Monkeys.

In the evening we all meet up for a ‘last supper’ at ‘Champers’, a nearby wine bar and restaurant – excellent! (Mary orders Lobster and seems to get most of the local population)




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