Posted by: tim ellis | August 21, 2005

Dominica – Wednesday 2ist November 2001

A leisurely breakfast amongst the bullfinches, grackles and doves, followed by a wander up the road to check out the local amenities – I wander up as far as the racetrack and end at an interesting local art gallery. Then it is off to the airport to check in for our flight to Dominica. It appears that immigration managed to stamp Cathy, Mary and Adrian’s passports and exit cards with the wrong date, and their booking system has none of our names, but nonetheless everything is sorted and though the flight is late (is this a recurring theme?) It is smooth and pleasant – We are met in Dominica by Jonathan who drives us across the island on a ‘gourmet trip’ pointing out bananas, coconuts, oranges, grapefruit, yams and passing around bits of cinnamon bark, lemon grass and fresh bay leaf.

We check into the anchorage where we get a voucher for a free rum punch (another recurring theme!) We also meet Carla and Andrew who run the trips and whale watching before a group meal and then bed.


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