Posted by: tim ellis | August 21, 2005

Mull Sunday 13th August 1995

The Alpha Beta

Wake up to brilliant sunshine, but by the time we have had breakfast it is pouring with rain! We are joined by four day trippers, one of whom is called Gary, and three of whom aren’t. Crew are Julian, Jacqui and Marÿka The rain gas stopped by the time we leave the lodge, but starts again (a gentle shower) as we get on the boat. It doesn’t rain again, but the sky is mostly overcast and the swell quite heavy. A number of people are seasick, but, I am glad to say, I am not one of them (score 1 for sea bands!) (in fact Sonja is so sick she won’t come out on the boat again for the rest of the week)

A disappointing day from a cetacean point of view, 2 unconfirmed sightings of Minke, and one confirmed Porpoise. We did see quite a few seals however, particularly on Coll, where we stopped for lunch, and again in anther bay when we stopped to talk to a sailing ship, which sails down to see whales in the Canary Islands.


Also plenty of seabirds, mostly Manx Shearwater (in rafts, which is not the same as on rafts), but also Gannets, assorted Gulls and an Arctic Skua.

Jacqui on Coll


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