Posted by: tim ellis | August 21, 2005

Mull Tuesday 15th August 1995

Andrew Evans’ Wildlife trip. Everyone (except Jürgen, who is going out on the boat with the Journo’s) is going, which confuses Andrew initially, as he didn’t expect Sonja, but we are soon sorted out and set off. We are joined by Tony and Anna, who are holidaymakers on Mull for a couple of days.
We have not been gone long before we spot a Sparrowhawk, the first of several Buzzards, and a Hen Harrier, the last of which is rarer (at least in Mull Terms) than the Golden Eagle.


We set out to look for Otters (again) with no more success than last night, although we do see several Heron, Raven and Hooded Crow, as well as a pair of Peregrine stooping and rising on thermals. We also find a large, beached Jellyfish.

Beached Jellyfish

Giving up on the Otters, we go to look for Sea, and or Golden Eagles, but with no more success, so Andrew decides to show us some wild flowers as they don’t hide! These include the insectivorous Sundew and Butterwort amongst others. While we look at these Andrew thinks he spots a Golden Eagle on a distant hillside. We move slightly closer, and as soon as we park the van it takes flight. Fortunately it flies down our side of the hill, where we are able to watch it with the aid of binoculars and Andrews telescope. While we are watching it is mobbed by a buzzard, which gives a good impression of scale.

Out With Andrew

Word for the day is “Crepuscular” (Active early morning and late evening) – Used to describe the behaviour of Otters. We have an earlier start tomorrow (Boat leaves at 06:30), although Jürgen (who had seen Whales and Porpoises from the boat today) and Sonja are going on Andrew’s Otter walk, so they can have a lie in until 10:30! Regardless we take a trip up to the pub tonight, courtesy of Brian’s Astra Estate.



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