Posted by: tim ellis | August 21, 2005

Mull Wednesday 16th August 1995

Up early for the first part of breakfast (cereal, toast & coffee) before joining the boat. Today’s crew are Jacqui, Shona and Iona, whilst day-trippers include Iona’s dad and brother, and a couple who had also been on the trip yesterday morning.

We spot our first Basking Shark before part two of breakfast (sausage & bacon rolls which have been wrapped up to keep them warm since we left. Another Basking Shark and two or three Minke sightings after breakfast, but we don’t see any of them more than once. Basking Shark!


We stop for lunch (on the boat) during which Richard hears of a whale sighting from a local ferry captain (Eigg, Rhum and Muck), so we set off to try and pick up it’s trail. We are successful in this (sighting no 2663) , and get quite a long association, including one incredibly close approach, giving us chance to smell it’s “rotten cabbage” breath. While we are watching this whale a second one appears! Richard decides to withdraw as a second boat is also coming to watch, and he doesn’t want to unduly stress the whales. Keeping Watch from the Deck


On the way back we see yet another Minke, but time does not allow us to stop and observe.

We take a quick trip to Tobermory in Brian’s Car, when we get back, as Jacqui needs more bread and “The Girls” want to visit the pottery as the have fallen in love with the mugs at the lodge. The route is very steep and windy, but also scenic, and Tobermory would be nice if there were fewer cars (and fewer people in the Co-op!)

We are joined for dinner by people from Scottish Heritage, during which Nikki is up and down like a jack-in-the-box trying to organise our day off for us. . . Pat, Denise, Lynn, Karen and Myself are all booked onto an afternoon trip to Staffa/Fingal’s Cave.

After dinner, Andrew Evans arrives (to rapturous applause, & not only for finding Jürgen and Sonja an Otter!) to give us a talk (with slides) on wildlife, during which he is pleasantly surprised to discover we were listening to (most of) what he told us yesterday.

This takes us to 10:30, at which point Brian and I decide to go to the Pub, no one else seems interested, so we set off, arriving to find Jacqui, her kids, & most of the Students already there, saying goodbye to Iona, who finished her stint today. We have just explained that we are alone as the girls are not “real men” when Karen arrives complaining that we had left her behind! The pub doesn’t show any signs of shutting, so we are in no hurry to leave (and when we do Jacqui leaves her kids behind with the students Eventually get to bed at just gone 2 (The luxury of a late start!)


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