Posted by: tim ellis | August 21, 2005

Reykjavik/Rockport, Ma. – Friday 6th August ,1999

Day Off! (A holiday while on holiday, so to speak.) Everyone except Jenny and Morag is heading for Boston. We all wander down to the station together. The other Glenda’s Camera is now playing up, and she asks me to take a look at it. As Kevin asked me to take a look at his computer last night, maybe I should go into competition with the repair shop in Gloucester? Looking at the camera, I suspect she had just knocked it onto ‘Macro’, since after I twiddle all the twiddle-able bits it seems to be working again!

I leave the others on the train when it gets to Salem, as I want to see at least something of the town made famous by “The Crucible“. It probably deserves at least a couple of days, and I only have a couple of hours. However, I still get to see the Witch Memorial (an area just outside the graveyard with a commemorative stone for each of the people killed during the witch hunt), the statue to Salem’s first settler (Roger Conant in 1626), and of the many witch museums, “The Witch House“, Judge Jonathan Corwin’s house, furnished in period furniture and therefore giving a feel for 17th Century New England in general, as well as the Witch Hunt itself.

I leave Salem by the Boston Ferry (you have to get your quota of sailing in somehow!), and briefly consider visiting the Aquarium which is right by the harbour, but the queues are horrendous, so instead I head around the docks to the Boston Tea Party boat, which I don’t actually board, just take photo’s from the bridge, before venturing onto the underground to central Boston and the public library.

The library is an interesting old building, and it also been suggested to me as the best place to find somewhere I can send e-mail. They have some machines you can book by the hour, but they are all fully booked, and four machines on a different floor that are free, but you are limited to 15 minutes. This is not made any easier by the machine completely locking up and needing to be rebooted. Still, I manage to send some e-mail postcards, and a quick scan through my in-box suggests I haven’t had a mail from Chan to say she has seen whales in Australia yet.

From the library, I make my way, via bank shops, and finally underground again, towards the North Station, where I buy my ticket to Rockport, and then head off to find something to eat near to the station. Wandering down a couple of nearby streets leads to “The Commonwealth Brewery Company“, a large bar (think Weatherspoons pub) that serves ‘proper’ cask conditioned ale (and explains it for the Americans…) and very nice it is too!

I catch the 8:00 PM train back to Rockport, and after writing my diary, turn in ready for tomorrow’s really early start…


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