Posted by: tim ellis | August 21, 2005

Reykjavik/Rockport, Ma. – Monday 2nd August, 1999

An 8:00 AM start today, so we get to have breakfast (with the tricky questionnaire – how do you want your eggs, what sort of toast, what sort of juice…) before heading into Gloucester to Captain Bills and the Miss Gloucester – our boat for the next week. We are greeted by David from the CRU (Cetacean Research Unit) who is our onboard naturalist today. After a couple of early sightings of Minke and Fin Whales at a distance, we have our first of many encounters with humpbacks. David tells us humpbacks are generally not social animals, but no-one has told the whales that, as we keep seeing them in groups of 2 – 5, some are mothers with their calves, but others are groups of whales feeding together. We have a couple of very close encounters with juveniles, one of whom swims right up to the front of the boat, another swims right under the boat then “rolls over” on to his back for us.

Back to Rockport via the supermarket (and liquor store) – then a walk down to Rockport at 6:30 for dinner overlooking the picturesque harbour, at the Hannah Jumper Harbour Deck on Bearskin Neck. (Hannah Jumper lead the local women in a “likker raid” destroying all the alcohol, since when Rockport has been a “dry” town – although that only means you can’t buy alcohol – all the restaurants are quite happy to charge you corkage for beer, wine or spirits if you choose to bring it with you…) A look around town, then back for a 5:30 for 6:00 AM start tomorrow!


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