Posted by: tim ellis | August 21, 2005

Reykjavik/Rockport, Ma. – Sunday 1st August, 1999

We have arranged to start an hour earlier today so as to fit in the blue lagoon. A Good thing really, as otherwise we would have spent half the morning hanging around the hotel. Our first port of call is the local swimming pool (outdoor, and geothermal). It is full of pensioners, who apparently get in free, and all move to homes nearby so as to take advantage of this. Then we drive past a church styled after a Viking longboat prow to “The Compromise House”, named not for the Reagan – Gorbachov summit held here, but because the front and back were built in different styles. We don’t stop here, but press on to the Holgrimskirk where we are able to look in before the service starts – it is a Lutheran church, and therefore very plain inside, with clear as opposed to stained glass windows.

Back in the bus, and a drive through town to the docks, then around the university to the Pearl, this time with the benefit of Swen to point out the landmarks!

From here we go to the Blue Lagoon – a Geothermal swimming pool in the middle of a lava field and in the shadow of a geothermal power station. Only Jenny actually goes swimming – the rest of us deciding that swimming immediately before a transatlantic flight doesn’t sound like too much fun … anyway it gives us an excuse to come back again…

At the airport Icelandair seem to have overbooked all their flights, they are asking for volunteers to delay 24 hours, offering free hotel accommodation, meals, sightseeing trip and $200US – the meals alone make this offer tempting, given the price of them, were it not for our schedule. So it is slightly worrying when I discover someone else on the plane has a boarding card with the same seat number as me – as it is a family, I volunteer to be found a new seat (I might get to sit in my assigned seat before the end of the holiday…). Fortunately they do find me a seat, and it is only 2 seats in front of where I was expecting to sit – I leave my bag where it is this time….

When we arrive at Boston airport, US Customs officials are breaking open cases looking for something – fortunately none of ours are involved, and we leave en masse – much to the relief of Kevin, our guide, as there are hundreds of people around, including at least one exchange trip, so not having to hunt for us is a bonus. There is no-one joining us here so we head off to the Sandy Bay Motor Lodge. Walking out into the Boston heat after Iceland and air conditioning is a bit of a shock – and it is 7:00 PM (midnight Iceland time!) Kevin has booked us a meal at Peg Legs in Rockport – A lobster course for every night of the week – and more!


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