Posted by: tim ellis | August 21, 2005

Reykjavik/Rockport, Ma. – Sunday 8th August 1999

A real lie in this morning, go for breakfast at eight o’clock, before returning to pack, move the bags into Kevin’s room and check out. We are not due to be collected until half past five this evening, so it’s back down to Rockport for a final explore and to finish my last roll of film. I wander around on my own for a while, visiting most of the shops I didn’t see yesterday, before bumping into the Glendas, Tom and Sylvie on a corner in Bearskin Neck. We all head off in different directions and I start to look for somewhere to eat. At this point it starts to rain so I make a beeline for the nearest restaurant, to find the Glendas are already there.

It has stopped raining by the time we finish lunch, so I decide to head up towards the beach opposite Peg Legs, calling in at the art gallery and the bookshop on my way up – bumping in to Glenda in both. When I eventually arrive at the beach I find not only the Glendas, but Pete, Mags, Morag and Jenny too. Pete tells us there is a small park with a pond next to Peg Legs, so Jenny, Morag and I go to explore it (which doesn’t take long) meandering back through the old graveyard and down into town for a coffee. We sit outside, even when it starts to rain again, since it is not that heavy, we have waterproofs, and there isn’t really anywhere else for us to go – we have now seen all Rockport has to offer!

There is a regular trolley bus service from the town centre up to the park and ride opposite the motel – as it only costs fifty cents we decide to be lazy and catch it. Everyone else is already back at the motel, and before you know it the bus is here and it is off to the airport.


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