Posted by: tim ellis | August 21, 2005

Reykjavik/Rockport, Ma. – Thursday 5th August, 1999

An eight o’clock start, which seems to have confused the motel, as they haven’t set aside any tables for us. Still, we get breakfast without any problems, and join the boat where Kate is today’s naturalist.

Again we need to go quite a way out to find whales, and again we start with quite a lot of minkes before finding humpbacks. Our patience is rewarded with a close encounter with a whale called Pisces and her calf together with a third whale, Pylon. Kate is studying mother/calf pairs, so is particularly pleased with this encounter, and points out to us how Pisces always stays very close to the calf, and is usually between it and Pylon. After we leave these whales we encounter another trio, Upwelling, Plateau and a third, unidentified whale, who approach extremely close to the boat, spy hopping, and otherwise giving us another memorable encounter.

When we return to shore, both Glenda and I need to visit the camera shop as we both have problems. Her camera has packed up, and the switch on my digital camera has jammed on play mode. Glenda is out of luck – it appears to be a chip failure, and while the shop is unable to help me, they do suggest a nearby repair shop. The chap in there puts down his cigarette, picks up a screwdriver and prises the external switch off, resets the internal switch to the correct position and reseats the switch. I ask him how much I owe him and he says it is free! – If it wasn’t so far away, I’d take all my repair work to him!

As we had been coming back into the harbour we had been able to see a thunderstorm over Boston – it hit Rockport at about 5:45 – just as I was wondering whether to wander down into town early. (We are eating at Peg Legs again – they still have plenty of meals we haven’t tried yet!) So I decide to stay back and catch up on my Diary and listen to some of the CD’s I bought yesterday. Joining the others later to walk down, it seems there were hail stones, and, according to the news Boston has been hit quite badly – lightning strikes and everything. Still it has stopped now, so we wander down to another excellent meal. Glenda has a new party game – everyone has to do animal impressions. I think she is just upset that she missed Kevin’s Gavial and Howler Monkey last night!


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