Posted by: tim ellis | August 21, 2005

Reykjavik/Rockport, Ma. – Wednesday 4th August, 1999

Pete and Mags are already at breakfast when I arrive this morning. Pete is blaming Mags for letting him drink too much last night. Everyone else turns up claiming to be fine. Kevin says the Motel has told him we were too noisy last night, and we promise to behave in future – he seems quite proud! Apparently we can use the patio by the pool if we want to do it again.

This morning is our Cape Ann tour, with Piggy and Tim – they have quite a good double act going, and are much more humorous than Swen – not always intentionally. (I think the hotels being burned down by nymphomaniacs was a genuine error.) They tell us much of the local history and legends, and show us, amongst other things, the US end of the original transatlantic cable, many nice beaches and fine houses, but try as they might, very little wildlife.

We are dropped off in Gloucester, almost right outside a CD/Record shop – so much for the traveller’s cheques I changed this morning – time to find another bank! Then to Passports for lunch – not only is the food good, but I have a table looking into the kitchen, followed by an afternoon on the boat.

Both Glendas, Pete and Mags have opted out of this trip (a decision they all made before last night’s party) so it is a reduced group that joins today’s naturalist, Brenda. We have to travel a long way out to find the whales (about 26 miles – we are within sight of Cape Cod) but when we do they are breaching all over the place. This makes them hard to identify. Brenda only manages three positive Id’s – Colorado (again), Falcon and Scratch, although there are six to ten whales around.

Our plan had been to meet the others in McT’s restaurant in Gloucester at 7:00 PM, but as A) it is fully booked and B) it is 7:45 by the time we get back, we have to fall back on a reserve plan. They ha ve found another restaurant – Cameron’s – and left a message for us at Captain Bill’s. This is another good meal, and live music is just starting when we leave.


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