Posted by: tim ellis | August 28, 2005

Monday 1st September 1997 – Vancouver

However breakfast is less impressive as they don’t seem to be able to cope with the number of people arriving. A ten minute wait to be seated, by which time there is a queue of around twenty people waiting, then a further twenty minute wait for the food to arrive, and it is not that good when it does – I think I’ll try somewhere else tomorrow.

We drive up to get our last whale watching trip – Denis gets to join us for the first time (we hope he doesn’t put his cougar jinx on the whales). The weather starts sunny, but quite misty out to sea, and we run in to rain on the way out, which has people running for cover, but the sun comes out again as we approach the South tip of San Juan Island, and we are surrounded by what must be around 40 – 50 whales all told. They are feeding, but quite playful, and we get to observe lunges, breaches, tail slaps and spy hopping. We stay with the Whales for about an hour and a half, although it seems much less (time is obviously speeding up to make up for how slowly it goes when the Greys have done their 5 minute dive!) We also get to see a school of Dall’s porpoise and some inquisitive Harbour seals on this trip.

The Afternoon is free time again so it is souvenir shopping and a fling visit to the Royal Canadian Museum (another Canadian museum that I only get to see half of!) before our final group dinner with Digna and Denis in “Barkleys” – the hotel restaurant – A very good meal, during which we present them with the cards and the proceeds of our collection, to an amusing speech by Bill, with a moving, impromptu response from Digna. We then withdraw to “Bartholemews” the bar that is also part of the Hotel which seems to have a policy of increasing the number of cherries in Lindsey’s Champagne cocktails in order to help her count them.


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