Posted by: tim ellis | August 28, 2005

Saturday 30th August 1997- Vancouver

Down to Tofino to buy supplies for lunch as Hot Springs Cove (Today’s destination) has no facilities, then back to Jamie’s Whaling Station to board the “Sharp Point” the smallest boat we’ve been on yet. There are the eight of us (Denis is still to come to sea with us) and two others on the trip, which sets off at a terrific rate, slowing down when we get to Cow Bay, where we saw the Whales yesterday. We stop for a while to watch 2 Whales before pressing on, spotting a school of Dall’s Porpoise on the way, arriving at Hot Springs Cove.

This entails a 2 Km hike along the boardwalk (including an awful lot of steps) before crossing a steaming, stinking stream and coming out on a very rocky beach where the stream cascades into the sea through a series of rock pools where one can paddle or bathe. All too soon it is time to head back to the harbour for the ride home, again roller-coaster style speedboat to Cow Bay, stop to watch the whales, (3 this time, one coming very close to the boat) before returning home to shower away the coating of sea-salt.

Dinner tonight is a “sort your selves out” rather than a group booking – Lindsey and I walk down into Tofino to “The Schooner” where we enjoy a pleasant meal, after watching a glorious red sky that makes us wish we had brought our Cameras!

(Lindsey asks “Did you have the news on?” – Of course not, there was a Music channel! – Apparently Princess Di has been in a car accident. By the time we get back to the hotel it transpires it was fatal. The person most affected by this is Digna – leaving the rest of us somewhat bemused when we return to discover her sudden deification…)


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