Posted by: tim ellis | August 28, 2005

Sunday 31st August 1997 – Vancouver

Fortunately I did take my camera down to Breakfast in the morning as we were treated to the sight of a family of 7 river otters climbing on and off the jetty. Then it’s off on another major trek back across the Island down to Victoria, we do have a couple of sightseeing trips along the way, one at Chemainus “The Little Town That Did” to get lunch, and see all the murals, and again at the Native Heritage Centre in Duncan, which is very interesting, especially when I manage to join a guided tour given by a native student called Rocky, who explains the meanings of various totem poles and the legends behind them.

We get to Victoria at about 4:30 and Denis & Digna take us on the scenic route through Chinatown to show us some of the sights before dropping us at the hotel. It is another “explore on your own and sort yourself out for dinner” job, so after a bit of exploring, I end up with a Chinese meal at “The Panda” before bumping into Pat and Chan, and heading off to sample the local hostelries.

The Hotel rooms have been getting larger and posher as we go on, here I have a suite with kitchen, balcony, lounge, bedroom and bathroom!


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