Posted by: tim ellis | August 28, 2005

Tuesday 2nd September 1997 – Vancouver

A much more leisurely start this morning. Breakfast in Jimmy’s, over the road from the hotel before setting off for the ferry. We make the 12:00 ferry, which is delayed anyway, and have a beautifully calm and sunny cruise back through the Gulf Islands. Despite Denis’ promise that we have “a good chance to see Eagles, no guarantees” the trip proves to be particularly lacking in wildlife spotting…

Digna and Denis give us a guided tour of Vancouver City on our way to the hotel, including Chinatown, Gastown (and the steam powered clock) and Robson Street (the “Shopping Street” of Vancouver) before driving up to Stanley Park (Home of the Aquarium, where we started what seems so long ago …) to see the views, the totem poles and the racoons, which, although “wild” know a good thing when they see one, and are begging food off the tourists.

Our hotel, despite what it says in the itinerary, is not the same as the first one. We are on North Shore at the Landsdowne Court, just next to the Sea Bus terminal. As I don’t intend going further than Breakfast in the morning I drop my stuff in my room and head off via the Sea Bus and Sky Train back into town for last minute shopping.

As I arrive back & prepare to check out the dinner possibilities I am greeted by the rest of the group who are just assembling with a similar aim in mind. I join then and we go en masse to the Waterfront Bistro, a bar at the end of the pier with a magnificent view of the Vancouver Skyline as the sun sets and the lights come on (my camera is in my room…)


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