Posted by: tim ellis | August 28, 2005

Wednesday 27th August 1997 – Vancouver

A slightly later start today as we only have to make it to the end of the pier for a 9 AM Sailing. We are on the other boat today (slightly smaller, wooden) although we still have Wayne as captain and Bruce in the crew.

We find whales very quickly this morning, the same sub-pod we saw yesterday (A23). After leaving these we encounter another group as well as some Pacific White sided dolphin, although the latter are travelling very fast, so we don’t see them for long. Off and on encounters with Orca groups for the rest of the morning, including some very close to the boat, and groups travelling together. We circle Hanson Island spotting 3 Bald Eagle (1 flying, 2 perching) as well as a nest. Then, as we approach home, while Bruce is giving his interpretative talk, we see some Dall’s Porpoise. We get back circa 1:15 PM giving us free time to shop and explore before Digna’s “activity” at 4:30 PM.

This turns out to be Gyotaki – The ancient Japanese art of Fish Rubbing – an activity both more artistic and less perverse than it sounds! The idea is to paint fish (although we are using Latex moulds – less messy) and/or leaves and then cover and press/rub the object with paper or cloth to produce a print. All those participating (Pat, Chan, Ann, Lindsay and I) make pillow cases. While we are doing this, and just as the rain becomes most torrential, we hear the baying of hounds – it turns out to be the park rangers come to trap the cougar. We subsequently hear it is a young (circa 5 months) starving kit, which is in such a poor state it has to be put down.

We head down to Port McNeill for the last time. On the way Lindsey spots a bear running across the road, but most people miss it, (I just see the back paw as it vanishes into the forest) including Sheila who has been desperate to see one since we arrived on the Island. We plan to have dinner at the last restaurant Digna knows of, but it is closed and for sale, so we decide to go to the Chinese, but that has shut early as it is a quiet night. We are just about to go back to “The Sportsman” when we see a sign “Plato’s Pizza and Chicken” – They are open and will even open the “Dining Lounge” for us – It looks to start with, as if it is a mixed blessing, as half of what we order is unavailable and they have no alcohol, but what they do have is both tasty, cheap and plentiful. I order Chicken and Spaghetti, not expecting that it would turn out to be Spaghetti Bolognaise with two pieces of Southern Fried Chicken…

The lack of alcohol with the meal drives us to the “Cold Wine and Beer Store” (where, as Denis helpfully informs us, they sell beer and wine, which is cold…), so we can have a party in our lounge.


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