Posted by: tim ellis | August 28, 2005

Wednesday 3rd September 1997 – Vancouver

Another leisurely start – get up and pack before going to breakfast – the cafe is above the bar we were in last night, and it is warm enough to sit outside. Pat and Chan are already there and Sheila joins us later. There is just enough time for a quick look around the shops (but not to buy anything, already packed and no money left!), before assembling to meet Edith, the representative from JAC who is taking us back to the airport, and a surprise, Denis, who had previously told us he wouldn’t be driving. A tearful goodbye to Pat & Chan, who are staying here for another couple of days before continuing on to Ontario.

We are able, thankfully, to check our baggage all the way through to London and, to our delight, discover out airport tax is only $10 for a local flight rather than $15 for an international one due to our stop in Toronto.

The plane is an old DC10 whose air conditioning is not working properly, which doesn’t bode well, but the flight itself is very smooth and we arrive in Toronto at approx. 21:30 Toronto time, pausing only to do duty free shopping we board our homebound flight, where, for the first time, I actually have someone in the seat next to me!


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