Posted by: tim ellis | August 30, 2005

5 November 2002 – Norway

Breakfast at 7.30, Briefing at 8.30 given by Andy (Discover The World) and Chantel who is the resident guide who tells about the local whales before we go out to the boat. We soon find whales (we see between 20 and 40 individuals today) and finish off looking for sea eagles, finding 3 or 4 along a cliff wall returning about 2.30 as the light starts to go.

We have a talk at 5:30 from Asborn Bjorgvinsson about his work in Iceland at the Husavik Centre and also see one of Toms videos on Iceland.

After dinner, at 9.00, Chantel says we have the whale ceremony – meet in reception – she won’t reveal anything else. At 9 we are greeted by a man wearing a cuddly Orca on his head carrying a staff topped with an Orca and a bell. He leads us to the maps outside the restaurant where a sticker is ceremoniously placed to mark the site of today’s first sighting. This is followed by a viewing of today’s id photo’s (available for 60NOK) and a video of today’s events (200NOK)


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