Posted by: tim ellis | August 30, 2005

7 November 2002 – Norway

Guess what? The same plan today as yesterday although low tide means we have to wait for the ferry to leave to use their berth. We find whales near where we found them on Tuesday where they are actively hunting- along with a large flock of seagulls and 3 or 4 sea eagles. The weather is colder and windier today but without any rain.

We leave the whales to pickup a TV crew (Norwegian) in a more sheltered spot (which gives a chance for a coffee break) before returning -we subsequently pickup most of the zodiac passengers too. (Also a herring that Tom & Anthony caught for Chantel) The whales are so good we end up staying an extra hour – and headwind and current mean it is nearly 4.00 when we get on the bus.

Our final speaker is on home ground – Tea Semula, who heads up NORCA – The Norwegian Orca Project. We meet again at 7.30 for the farewell dinner – preceded by aperitif (akkavit – flavoured with cod!)


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