Posted by: tim ellis | October 9, 2005

Antarctica – Fri 12th November, 2004

It is rumoured that we are going to be met by a representative from Noble Caledonia this morning – but if they are present they don’t make themselves generally known.

On the way to the Gaucho show Vicky gets Deirdre to demonstrates the Gaucho costume, and also allows us to try the Argentine national drink – a herbal tea called ‘mate’ . It looks foul and doesn’t taste much better!

We are greeted at the Estancia with drinks and meat pasties then a chance to see the ‘family museum’ (or, for those who prefer ride a horse, or in a cart) then a barbecue lunch – sausage , black pudding, slab of beef, chicken – followed by a tango and folk music show. Finally it is outside to see the riding show. The gauchos finish off by giving rides on the back of their horses – strangely all the passengers are female, and 90% are young and pretty. There is just time for Spook and a couple of others (including Don) to go for a ride before we return to Buenos Aires to check into the Sheraton, although our stay will be short – breakfast at 4, leave by 5.15! There is a grovelling apology from Noble Caledonia promising Refunds, upgrades etc.

Dinner is in, surprise surprise, a steak bar – sausage, chicken, pork, lamb and of course beef – all served from the sword. We are back by 10.30 in view of our early start


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