Posted by: tim ellis | October 9, 2005

Antarctica – Monday 15th November, 2004

No early morning call- there is a note under the door to say the boat is not yet afloat and there will be a meeting at 12.00 . Tamara & Carlos are not with us today so we decide to go for a walk further up the main street- we leave at about 10 to 10. When we return we discover the meeting was at 10! It appears the offer is abandon with a full refund or stay with a 50% refund plus a 30% discount on a future booking – next meeting 5pm.

Lunch is at the hotel – we have already ordered (indeed we are part way through the meal) when we get given the voucher (which says it should be presented before ordering) but there is no problem.

After lunch we wander down to the nearest bit of beach where we sit, read and watch the fleet come in, then stroll along the estuary – front. We get caught in a short sharp shower on the way back but the good news is the boat is now out of dry dock.

At 5pm it is confirmed that we will board just after 7 tonight followed immediately by lifeboat drill.

In the end the captain lets us off lifeboat drill until the morning so we enjoy a lovely 5 course dinner (appetiser, soup, salad, main course, desert with coffee and cheese & biscuits…) during which Spook has his day made when someone says she thought he was only 35! We then explore the ship and go up on deck to watch us (finally) get underway at around 12.30


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