Posted by: tim ellis | October 9, 2005

Antarctica – Sunday 14th November, 2004

We are supposed to be checking out and departing for lunch at 11.30 so I pop round to an Internet cafe before packing. When we go down, all is chaos. Tamara is telling people not to check out, but to hold on to their keys and consequently bags are being moved in and out of storage and too and from rooms in all directions…

We eventually leave for lunch around noon. It is the same place Spook and I had coffee yesterday. Guess what- the menu is beef or chicken. We are further entertained by a dancing girl who is definitely not dressed for Antarctic conditions!

The boat hasn’t been able to get out of dock so it is back to the hotel and then a choice of museums or shopping – which turns into museums or bird watching. I go to the naval museum (a history of the Uruguayan navy plus the Graf Spee) followed by a shopping mall built in the old prison. There is a clothes shop called ‘Tits’ – which is good for a cheap laugh.

The captain is coming to see us at 6.30 to further apologise. He hopes to be able to sail at 04.30 tomorrow, else 17.00 and on this basis we have a revised itinerary which now omits South Georgia – which doesn’t go down well as it was the reason many people picked this trip…

Dinner tonight is … Wait for it … not beef! A trip to a fish restaurant – starter of calamari, whitebait and goujons followed by plaice, swordfish or spaghetti and mousse or pancake to finish. The hotel will phone us if we need to get up early


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