Posted by: tim ellis | October 9, 2005

Antarctica – Thu 11th November, 2004

After breakfast we are off on our city tour. We drive past the obelisk to Plaza del Mayo where we disembark to visit the cathedral, back on board and drive up to Boca – an artistic quarter on the mouth of the river where we wander about and see street artists and tango dancers. Finally we drive up to the graveyard and visit Evita’s mausoleum (just as it starts to rain.)

We have been offered a ‘wine tasting’ at H Stern after the tour – although it is really just free drinks while the sales team give the hard sell. We make our excuses and leave in search of lunch which we find in cafe Florida (on Florida Street) While we are eating there is a commotion outside caused by a young boy. He is restrained by one of the waiters until the police arrive. They hold him for a while before sending him on his way.

After lunch we visit the national arms museum which is almost next door to the hotel. It is a mixture of old European (and Japanese) weapons and more modern firearms – Spook enjoys playing with the gatling guns! We round the day off with a leisurely coffee in the gallery opposite the hotel.


We set out this evening in search of dinner, and bump into Bob, one of the trip at the end of the block. He says a group of them are all heading to a restaurant where they made a reservation but already have more people than they reserved for so we join them. The restaurant is a ‘traditional Argentine grill’ – more enormous slabs of beef, copious amounts of wine, and pleasant conversation. One of the chaps on our table (Don) will be 80 on the 13th!

Back to the hotel bar for a game of 20 questions trying to guess what Bob’s job was , and then to bed


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