Posted by: tim ellis | October 9, 2005

Antarctica – Tue 9th November 2004

Everything goes smoothly. Spook arrives on time and we experience no delays on the journey down. Car parked, we are transferred by minibus to terminal 1 and are still too early to check in. The flight is slightly late boarding (the gate number is not announced until 10 minutes before departure – and some of the gates are 15 minutes away). Still, as it is a 5 hour wait in Madrid we are not worried.

More worrying is the air steward who is busy demonstrating the oxygen mask while the commentary talks about seat belts!

Madrid is a little confusing as our instructions don’t make it clear that we should leave through customs and check in again rather than transfer direct. The check in will not start for more than half an hour, and there doesn’t appear to be a cafe so a group of us go and stand outside. (Spook says ‘I think we are the youngest people on the trip … And he’s got 10 years on me!)

I’m not overly impressed with the airline – its all a bit shambolic – no in flight magazine – the movie stops part way through to be replaced by another one, and other than dinner and breakfast there is no catering.



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