Posted by: tim ellis | October 9, 2005

Antarctica – Wed 10th November, 2004

Breakfast on the plane. We are asked ‘coffee or tea’ – I ask for coffee & Spook for tea – they are both poured from the same pot- fortunately (for me) it is coffee. ‘They don’t boil the water’ says the chap next to us – which is just as well, as the steward spills some over my shoulder. We land on time, and then have to negotiate immigration – the traditional South American long queue…

Once through customs we are met by a couple of guides and taken to the Elevage in 2 buses. We are offered a tango show (the dance not the drink) – initially the consensus is to go tomorrow night – but when we realise we need to be up at 6 on Friday we decide to go tonight instead.

After a quick shower it is down for breakfast – which we are delighted to discover is included..

Then out for a walk around downtown Buenos Aires – amidst the traffic and the purple flowers of the jacarandá trees. Amongst other sights we see the Malvinas war memorial, the “Monumental Tower”, the cathedral, the presidential palace and a canine crèche. Lunch at The London Bar, which has an English menu offering such delights as ‘swett rolled with tuna’ , ‘mushed pumkim’ and ‘tomato stuffed with bird’ – none of which we sample! Then back to rest up before tonight’s escapade

As we are about to head down to the Tango night we find a letter shoved under the door. There has been a problem with the boat which is currently in dry dock in Montevideo… So instead of flying down to Ushuaia on Friday we now stay here until Saturday (though in a different hotel Friday night) then fly to Montevideo to set sail on Sunday. Needless to say this provides for much conversation. Some confusion about the numbers (both guides took lists and its not clear they have been combined properly) however we soon get underway and get a good central table near the stage. Food is good (huge slab of beef) followed by the show – live music (both tango with piano, strings and accordion, and folk with guitars, pipes and drums) singers and very impressive dancers


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