Posted by: tim ellis | October 9, 2005

Antarctica – Wednesday 24th November, 2004

Paulet Island and Brown Bluff take 2.

An early start with a projected 8.30 landing at Paulet Island. The weather is calm and slightly overcast with the temperature a balmy 1C. We land on a stony beach surrounded by adelie penguins with the option of walking along the beach or up to a Nordenstrom hut. Going along the beach we find a Weddell’s Seal which retreats to the sea, and can subsequently be seen swimming along the shore. There is also a nesting colony of Blue – Eyed Shag

and a number of Snowy sheathbills wandering about ‘clearing up’.

By the hut are a number of penguins sitting on eggs – some enterprising penguins have even built their nests in the remains of the hut. There is also a Skua using the top of the hut as a lookout.

On the way back to the ship we take a Zodiac tour of the interestingly shaped Icebergs and take in a leopard seal resting on the ice.

After lunch we arrive back at Brown Bluff – this time the sea is calm and we are able to land. We aren’t given a temperature reading but it is colder than this morning. Spook goes with the ‘advance party’ who are hiking up a steep looking scree slope. I opt for the more leisurely stroll along the beach amongst the Adelie and Gentoo penguins. There are rumoured sightings of another leopard seal swimming around an iceberg waiting for the penguins to leave, but although we circumnavigate the ice we aren’t able to see it




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