Posted by: tim ellis | September 16, 2006

Shongololo Dune Express – Monday 28th August.

As we approach Cape Town we look down at the bay and both myself and the American girl in front of me are sure we see a whale surfacing. You know its a good day when you’ve seen a whale before you’ve started !

We arrive bang on time, and as I’m queuing for immigration I’m looking for other potential train travelers – but when I get out to arrivals it turns out I am the only one on this flight. I am met by Olivier who is the French language guide – however there are no French speakers so he is moonlighting with the English speakers.

We drive out to the train (past a cloud shrouded Table Mountain) at Muizenberg. It is parked right next to the sea, so after meeting Petra (the main boss) and unpacking I wander up towards Fish Hoek watching the whales (at least a Dozen of them…) then back towards Muizenberg to watch the surfers and find something to eat.

By late afternoon the sunshine has gone to be replaced by rain so I return to the train to fill in my diary so far…


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