Posted by: tim ellis | September 16, 2006

Shongololo Dune Express – Sunday 27th August

With perfect timing the taxi arrives just as I put everything by the front door (ten minutes early). This plus my generous time allowance means I get to Digbeth an hour early.

The coach is full – and the spaces left when people get off at Birmingham airport are immediately filled.

We make good time until J4 where the traffic is at a standstill delaying us by 1/2 an hour which still leaves me too early to check in. Despite the new security measures this is painless, though you do need to constantly prove your hand baggage is the right size.

The only problem I have is the splitting sound from my trousers as I kneel to take my shoes off. So there’s a dilemma … Where do you get a needle & thread once you are through security ? I ask customer services but the girl says they aren’t allowed needles or pins either. She suggests trying Ted Baker as a clothing shop may be able to help. The chap there says they have lost their sewing kit but the shops on either side should have one and I can use their changing room. The shop on the left is Agent Provocateur… So I try Cashmere World! They lend me a needle (so that’s how to do it terrorists…) and while I won’t win any prizes for neatness, I won’t get arrested for exposure either!

Boarding goes smoothly – the plane seems fairly full, and is about 1/2 an hour late leaving

(Pictures of this trip are to be found here )


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