Posted by: tim ellis | September 16, 2006

Shongololo Dune Express – Wednesday 30th August.

Olivier is keen to make an early start, so we leave just after 8 for the botanical gardens. We are dropped off at gate 2 and left to make our own way through gate 1 to be picked up later. Tracey and I wander down past the medicinal plants then past the arboretum to the Cyclades before heading down to the pick up point – keeping an eye out for birds on the way. Meanwhile Mark & Karin apparently get lost…

From the garden we go to Hout Bay for elevenses and a look at the market followed by Cape point for lunch. Cape point is a nature reserve so we call at the visitor centre on the way down where we meet a milk sap locust and Olivier finds us some cape zebra. On the way to the restaurant we also mange to find some eland.

Lunch has been sort of booked at the Two Oceans restaurant – which is to say they are keeping us a table but it is up to us to pay…

Following lunch a short funicular ride takes us to the top of cape point (well not quite to the top – you have to walk up the steps to the lighthouse) for a quick photo and then a ride back down. Then we drive down to the cape of good hope finding ostrich, bontebuck, rock dassie and a baboon on the way. On the way back we see more baboon, before getting involved in a drama- a baboon has let itself in to the back of a car – which is a bit of a shock to the occupants who have fled for the safety of Jimmy’s van. Once the baboon has climbed out Jimmy , Jenny & Olivier are able to scare it off allowing the owners to reclaim there vehicle.

Our next stop is the penguin colony at boulder. Somehow it seems wrong to see penguins on a sandy beach .

Olivier makes a final, brief stop in Stanleytown (we don’t leave the bus) to point out the statue of a dog called ‘just nuisance ‘ who was adopted by the navy stationed here during WW2.

Back At the train we discover tomorrow’s scheduled 8 am departure means breakfast is from 6:30 (and we do this for fun …)


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