Posted by: tim ellis | September 24, 2006

Shongololo Dune Express Sunday 3rd September

An early start as we disembark by a dried out river bed.
“What do you do if you fall in a Namibian river?”
“Dust your self off'”

and drive to fish river canyon – managing to find mountain zebra, springbok, baboon and a young peregrine falcon on the way. There is water in fish river – but it is a long way down! We go a short walk along the top of the canyon (you are only allowed to hike into the canyon on a serious 85 km 5 day hike….) this takes us to coffee time- so we go to a road house decorated with bits of car – a stark warning of why one shouldn’t break down in Namibia…

From the roadhouse we drive back past where we left the train (thankfully it has departed) to lunch in Keetmanshoop. The hotel seems ill prepared for us – and very trusting as they have no idea who has ordered what… After lunch we drive a short distance to giants playground (a pile of boulders) and quiver tree forest (go on – guess!) before a promised cheetah feeding – the local landowner rescues animals and has (along with the parrot, eland, warthog etc.) 3 cheetah (generally regarded as a pest by the Namibian sheep farmers….)

The first pair are uncooperative having been well fed very recently , so we head off into a field to look for the 3rd (finding meerkat along the way) suddenly I realise that we are not walking outside the cheetahs cage , but inside when it arrives. It is wearing a collar, so you can’t claim it is wild – but it is very close.

Finally back to Keetmanshoop to re-board the train.


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