Posted by: tim ellis | September 28, 2006

Shongololo Dune Express – Saturday 9th September

With Jimmy today for the Hoba meteorite. Corrie isn’t joining us till lunch, and Mark not at all, so the bus seems half empty when we leave Otuvi. We cross the new extension towards Angola, then cross the line the train will take to Tsumeb. The meteorite is in the middle of an amphitheatre (must have taken some aiming ) and you get a resonant echo if you climb on it and speak. There isn’t much else at the site -(some barbecue places. But despite all the Aussies no one has anything to cook…) and Olivier manages to find Namibia’s national bird. We leave there to go to Grootfontein museum, sited in an old German fort . Then on to Tsumeb, where Corrie is waiting for us – fortunately Jimmy discovers this before he & Roger go to fetch her.

Lunch is the typical relaxed Namibian affair with everyone reporting to the till to say what they had. The itinerary has another museum and there is some thought that maybe visiting the shops, or the copper festival might be a more attractive option – however everywhere shuts at 1 PM on Saturday (the museum is open by special arrangement!) and the copper festival doesn’t actually start until the end of the month. The museum is probably the best organised one we have seen so far.

The final stop is lake Otjikoto (which means something like ‘lake where cattle can’t drink’) Jimmy sells it on the basis of it’s ice creams though the lake itself is unusual in being an underground lake whose roof has caved in! – there are also some animals around including peacocks and crocodile.
Early to bed for another early start tomorrow


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