Posted by: tim ellis | October 8, 2006

Shongololo Dune Express – Wednesday 13th September

Transfer day, a lot of waiting, especially as I am one of the last buses to leave – in fact after packing I have time to see if the Internet has been repaired (it has). I am in Rudi’s bus to go to the airport, (which means I have acually been in every bus) – I remind him that I don’t speak German!

We arrive at Windhoek airport in plenty of time (in fact the people on the earlier flight still haven’t left – we ask them to keep a place for us in Jo’berg.). The flight goes smoothly, except that we are on our approach when the coffee is served , and since it runs out before it gets to me, I have to male do with Coke.

There is a certain amount of confusion at Jo’berg as our gate is changed at the last minute and although Karin and I approach the new gate together we get directed in different directions…

The flight arrives early, in fact we have to wait for Heathrow to open, landing at around 5 past 6. To keep this run of luck, as I approach the luggage conveyor my suitcase appears, allowing me to catch the earlier bus.


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