Posted by: tim ellis | May 22, 2007

Romania – Thursday, May 17 2007

Thunder in the night and rain this morning suggests we picked the right days for the trip. As I did Bran Castle yesterday we go into Brasov this morning to see Romania’s largest church, The Black Church. Unfortunately it is closed to tourists today, and the Orthodox churches are all very busy (It is Ascension day, as Florin eventually confirms by calling his mother) but we see something of the old town, before leaving for the airport via some souvenir shopping and a brief lunch stop.

The flight back is slightly delayed as a result of the incoming flight arriving late. We land about 10 minutes late. There is a slow queue through passport control (Getting in to Romania was easier) which doesn’t matter as the bags are still not unloading when I get to Baggage reclaim. My coach leaves at 18:05 , and the bags don’t start coming off thr belt until 18:00. In case it is late, I race through the Heathrow labyrinth to the Central Bus Station – arriving at 18:09 – the bus has gone, and the next one is at 19:00, so I wait with a coffee. It is no comfort at all that my bus leaves at exactly 19:04…


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