Posted by: tim ellis | July 15, 2007

Monday July 2, 2007

Having been first at breakfast for the last two days we are the last to leave today as we are in no rush to go anywhere. Baboucarr and Spook go and discover how much easier it is to change money at the bureau de change rather than wait in the bank and fill in endless forms, and then we go down to sit in the shade by the pool and relax. I briefly venture as far as the beach which is quite empty (though not deserted) – I imagine it is much busier during the high season.

My next venture is to check the prices at the internet café in the hotel entrance – 30 D for half an hour – I tell them I will come back after I’ve eaten (It’s around 2:30 to 3:00 so time for lunch, which we eat in the pool bar). When I return to the café it is all locked up, I ask in reception
“Maybe he is at lunch – try again in an hour…”
However we are due to go and say goodbye to the Scouts then
“…or we have 2 computers for $5 per hour.”
“I don’t have dollars, I’m English”
“135 Dalassies then”

We drive through Serrekunda’s rush hour traffic to the compound where many of the scouts are waiting – they play us a number of songs on a mixture of recorders and improvised drums. What they want, they say, is a sponsor to give them instruments like the national band…

Gambia are playing Mexico tonight, so rather than face the bustle of the busier restaurants and bars we return to the quieter Italian next door to the hotel.



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