Posted by: tim ellis | July 15, 2007

Tuesday July 3, 2007

Another unhurried breakfast as all we have to do today is pack – which still manages to take most of the morning! We give Baboucarr the remainder of our Gambian money and one or two other things that will be more use to him than us (like my mini-travel first aid kit) as well as the collection of mangos we have amassed over the past few days. He is coming with us on the bus to the airport where Madi and Modou will be coming to see us off.

We get to the airport and there is no sign of Madi and Modou, and the Check in desk is through a security checkpoint for passengers only. However we determine we can check in and then return to the main body of the airport before passing through to departures. When we check in, our flight is shown as being “on time”. When we return to the foyer Madi and Modou have arrived, along with our driver and the commissioner from Senegal. We decide to go for a drink in the air conditioned restaurant upstairs. As we climb the stairs, our plane is showing as “delayed”. As we sit down it is showing as “Landed” (ahead of schedule!).

In the end it is slightly delayed leaving and fails to make up the time during the flight (but doesn’t loose any more time either). The most notable event on the flight is, again, the catering. As on the outward flight we are offered beef or chicken. This time we both opt for the chicken. As before what I get is beef !

The UK is on high security alert following terrorist attacks at Heathrow and Glasgow, so it takes an age before they start unloading the bags, and Customs officers are not only in evidence, but are actively searching bags (anyone would think we were arriving from a predominantly Muslim country….) . They don’t bother us though, but this time I don’t think it is down to the Scout uniforms…


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