Posted by: tim ellis | September 4, 2008

Ecuador – Wednesday 2nd July, 2008

Heathrow at 4:30 am is still quite busy, there is a long queue at the Iberia check in, which rapidly shrinks when the people waiting for the 7:30 flight are made to leave the queue so that those of us on the 6:20 flight can check in.  

Everything is checked straight through to Quito, which makes Madrid easier – especially as those of us transferring to South America get our own bus from the plane to the relevant part of the terminal. I’m momentarally confused by the screen saying “Gate 55” when the signs only go up to gate 51, but it transpires that if you carry on far enough down the corridor the numbers just follow on sequentially 

The flight across the Atlantic is smooth, although there is a little bit of turbulence once we reach South America. Immigration is quite quick (for South America), and Elena, my rep from Metropolitan Travel is waiting at the door. We drive through Quito’s rush hour traffic to the hotel. It has a restaurant attached (where I get “Chicken Nooddless Soup”- which doesn’t include any noodles (or nooddless)) and free internet access, so I decide not to venture far tonight, and to explore Quito in the morning.


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