Posted by: tim ellis | November 16, 2008

Ecuador – Thursday 3rd July, 2008

I spend today exploring Quito by foot and trolley bus. The trolley bus is very cheap at a flat fare of only 25c, but must make a fortune as it is absolutely packed. It’s actually better walking so you can see something of the city. There are several parks and lots of statues (Mostly they seem to be of famous Ecuadorians, although I do find one of Gandhi). There are also several churches (Simon de Bolivar used to refer to Quito as “The Monastery” ).

I find a café for lunch that does several types of chicken combo (chicken with rice/chips/salad etc. with a drink) – but the appear to have run out of chicken… so I have “Carne de la plancha” – Grilled beef, chips, rice, some sort of beans, and a coke, all for $2.20 – that wouldn’t even pay for the Coke in England!

The weather is mostly sunny, and although a large black cloud starts to appear over the mountains later in the afternoon, it doesn’t rain.


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