Posted by: tim ellis | December 31, 2008

Galapagos – Saturday 12th May (Floreana)

This morning is cooler and cloudier than yesterday, although at least it is dry, unlike our two landings today, both of which are wet landings on sandy beaches. 

This morning’s trip is to Punta Cormorant – though the one thing we don’t see are cormorant! We do see a heron before we’ve even landed, and there are the ubiquitous sea-lions around too. The shells of both green and pencil sea urchins litter the beach, which is much more volcanic than yesterdays. There is a brackish lagoon just behind beach, which is home to some flamingos – there don’t seem to be many in evidence, but a couple do come up close. We cross to another beach where we find a pelican and several crabs, before returning to see a couple of penguins in the water, though they don’t come very close.

It is still cool and overcast, so I skip the snorkelling today and return to the ship.

We sail a short distance around the coast to Post Office bay where we leave post cards in the traditional barrel, and those people who find cards sufficiently close to their homes take them to had deliver, as tradition demands (* although the card I left was reposted in Leicester…) then back down to the beach, where there are either 2 more penguins, or the same two following us – either way they are just as uncooperative! We also watch the blue-footed boobies diving, you can see they are related to gannets as they plummet in the same way. Some of the dives seem to be in very shallow water close to the beach. I half expect to see one embed itself in the sand!

Blue Footed Booby - Diving

Further up the beach a football match has been arranged between the crews of the tour boats, although Chris, one of our passengers manages to get himself selected!

We leave the beach at 3 to start the long voyage to Isabella (with the sails up). We spend the afternoon looking for whales or dolphins, without any success, and are just about to give up when we spot some blows in the distance. The captain changes direction, and we manage to get close enough to see the whale itself, it is a Bryde’s whale, one of the smaller rorquals.  

The boat is quite rocky, no soup for dinner tonight! Franklin has ordered pizza as a suitable “light” meal – and they even manage to do me one without cheese! After dinner we get Tim to show us more of his pictures from the last two days, including his underwater shots.


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